Atlanta’s Hip-Hop Artist Rock Most Readies Rise & Shine

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In hip-hop, it’s rare to find an artist who is DJ, producer, and emcee, but Rodney Powell aka Rock Most is just that. Today the Atlanta-based artist is readying his sophomore LP Rise & Shine on Dirty Bomb Records. A hybrid of traditional sample driven hip-hop and live instrumentation Rise & Shine features the group Cherry Royal and local staples including Boog Brown and Clan Destined, among others.

While working on Rise & Shine, Rock Most experienced two brushes with death. Both changed his life—and the course of the record—forever. The first was head-on collision in which his tour van was totally wrecked. The other was he was the victim of an armed robbery which ended with Rock Most fatally shooting the robber in self-defense. He took those two negatives and poured all the emotion into Rise & Shine.

“The album became much more emotionally charged,” explains Rock Most, “But I look at it as a blessing. It’s made me much more resilient as a person.”

Raised in Ravenna, Ohio Rodney Powell began rapping the age of 11. His love for hip-hop naturally transformed into DJing and eventually music production. He moved to Atlanta after graduating high school and immediately began immersing himself in the local scene by performing at the Phoenix night-club which boasted such resident DJ’s as Lil John and Jaycee (dj for Ludacris). Soon, he was penning rhymes for a young lady who would eventually become known as the Grammy-nominated artist Rasheeda.

After playing in a group called MSEIZE, Rock Most went solo in 2009 and toured with his debut project “FLO” (For Lovers Only) to a great reception not only in the US but as far away San Jose, Costa Rica. Over the years, he has produced and/or recorded with such greats as Chuck D and Professor Griff, Diamond D, El Da Sensei of Artifacts and Mr. Mike of South Circle.

Rise & Shine drops August 23, 2011 Find out more about Rock Most:

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