Bay Area Lost Tribe Release Landmark Album, Sophie.

Hip-Hop/Electronic duo Lostribe, comprised of NorCal lyricist Agustus ThElefant and veteran producer JustLuv, are back on the scene August 23rd 2011 with their extraordinary new album Sophie. After five years spent developing and fine-tuning their respective careers, the two have reunited to craft an organic and progressive sample-based Hip-Hop album, laced with low-end bass, aggressive synth, and glitch. Sophie features a stable of exclusive guest appearances including Talib Kweli, Casual, N8 The Gr8 of The Cuf, and many more.

A blend of border pushing beats and fun-yet-meaningful lyrics runs through the album like a current. Whether it’s “Break up Song” featuring Gift of Gab or the provocative “After the Lights On” featuring The Grouch, each track highlights the ever-expanding abilities of Lostribe as more mature, seasoned artists.

Lostribe’s sound has cultivated greater sophistication due to the substantial personal and professional growth each has experienced since their last effort, and the evidence is inherent throughout Sophie. A prime example is “Live Like a Rebel,” a track that pays homage to following your dreams while incorporating a dubstep/grime influence with what might normally be considered a simplified Hip- Hop beat. JustLuv wrote the song for his 16 year old nephew, saying “He’s starting to get into a little bit of trouble, so it’s as if I’m lecturing him while at the same time acknowledging his ability to make his own decisions.”

Lostribe was officially established in 2003, but the two founding members met in Junior High School in 1995. Both preferred skating and weed to khakis and button down shirts; outsiders in their respective worlds, they became fast friends. The two lost touch in the late 1990s when JustLuv was sent to boarding school, but music reunited them in 2001 after they both found their way to Sacramento and began performing in different crews. “I always knew we’d meet up again,” Agustus reflects knowingly.

In 2003 JustLuv introduced Agustus to MLB, an up-and-coming Berkeley producer; the three left their respective crews and Lostribe was born. MLB is currently on a brief hiatus from the group, but they released one critically acclaimed album together, Sole Expression, in 2005.

The group’s ample talent was recognized in 2008 when JustLuv and Agustus ThElefant were asked to score the Namco Bandai video game “Afro Samurai,” featuring Samuel L. Jackson and RZA. Ten tracks were featured on the game, with Agustus rapping on six and JustLuv co-producing eight. “Afro Samurai” sold 420,000 copies across all gaming platforms.

Outside of Lostribe, both artists have amassed an impressive list of accomplishments: JustLuv has worked with legendary artists including Andre Nikatina, Mac Dre, San Quinn, Mr. FAB, Mike Marshall, Equipto, Hustla of the Mobb Figgaz, and many others. In 2008, he won the Bay Area regional “Skribble Jam Producer Battle” and went on to compete in Ohio for the Scribble Jam Producers Championship showcase. Agustus ThElefant is currently wrapping up tracks for his next album “Elephant Gunz,” which is slated for a Fall 2011 release.