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Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.21.38 PMAs Septembers first Thursday night sweated into Fridays wee hours, a long line of people waited for admittance into Republic New Orleans in the Warehouse District. The doorman stamped “BOUNCE” on the backs of right hands on a full spectrum of party-people, as Big Freedias genre-shaping bounce classic “Azz Everywhere” booms through the sound system. The nights triple bill featured DJ Jubilee, Katey Red and, in the headliner slot, Big Freedia. Outside the green room where the Queen Diva was getting ready, newfangled e-cigarette contraptions non-noxious plumes gave way to the dank wafts of blunts.  The Internet is still abuzz about Miley Cyrus and Robin Thickes performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Cyrus may have introduced many viewers to “twerking,” but the ass-in-the-air gyrating is locally, and originally, known as popping, and it came from New Orleans bounce music — long before West Coast hip-hop scenes appropriated and renamed it.  ”I am excited about Miley twerking on the VMAs,” Freedia says. “She didnt twerk properly, but she opened the door for New Orleans and bounce music and myself.”  Audiences who want to see twerking done right will have plenty of opportunity when the cable music channel Fuse airs the new reality TV show Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce beginning Oct. 2. The cameras follow Big Freedia around New Orleans as he prepares for a tour and looks to find a wider audience, but its also an introduction to his life outside late-night club shows.  ”People get to take a peek at my personal life and meet my family and some of my friends,” Big Freedia says.  Rapping opened the door for Big Freedia, but his personality is what makes the reality show work. Hes got ease and charm on screen, and though Fuse is most heavily focused on music programming, Queen of Bounce could make him a bigger TV celebrity than he is a rapper. Its produced by World of Wonder, the company that created RuPauls Drag Race, Million Dollar Listing and Life with LaToya.

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