Brooklyn Rapper-Producer KOVAS’ Deed It Main on Project X Soundtrack

Rapper-producer KOVAS (pro-nounced Ka-vas) and Art School Rebellion/Ghetto Beat Records is pleased to announce his newest track “Deed It Main” is on the soundtrack for the new Warner Brothers film Project X, alongside acts like the AMG, A-Track, Amon Tobin and Waka Flocka, among others. The Todd Phillips (The Hangover) film, about three high-school seniors who plot to throw the ultimate party, opens this Friday, March 2, 2012.

“It’s an honor to have them choose my song for the movie,” notes Kovas of the track he describes as having dusty drums, scratched hooks, and east coast bop. “And since the film is about a teenager’s ultimate fantasy– throwing a wild party–making this track was extra fun.”

While most heads might be unfamiliar with Kovas, more than likely, he’s made music you’ve heard. A Brooklyn native, Kovas has worked with artists from M.I.A and Lady Sovereign to Justin Timberlake and Shakira. More, his music has provided sonic background for films like Prom Night, TV shows like American Dad, and video games like the Madden NFL series, to name just a few.

Following in the tradition of producers who can also spit like Prince Paul, Kanye West and Pharrell, Kovas is multitalented. In fact, he plays five instruments, sings, raps and engineers on most of his productions. As founder of the digital music label Art School Rebellion / Ghetto Beat, the versatile musician has amassed a catalog of production credits from chart topping recording artists and leading entertainment companies. In 2003 he produced the track “Attitude” for Nick Cannon’s self-titled album. In 2006, he remixed both “Fiddle with the Beat” for Lady Sovereign and “Hips Don’t Lie” for Shakira. He was commissioned for MTV’s Making The Band, EA Sports Madden NFL 09 video game and Cartoon Networks’ “Adult Swim.” His hit single, “Wax On Wax Off,” was featured on the Madden 09 Video Game & Soundtrack. And as if music isn’t enough, Kovas also voiced two characters in the Rockstar video game “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

Kovas made his debut in 2000 at the age of 16 as both a producer and artist on the Tommy Boy Records release, De La Soul featuring Kovas “Words and Verbs.” He began to compose music, pulling from his Latin/ French Moroccan heritage, as well as rock, punk, soul and hip-hop influences. In 2007, Kovas released his first solo EP, The Arrogance of Youth. In 2009, he released a follow up EP Reagan Babies.

Kovas might be the best-kept secret in hip-hop, but not for much longer. In March 2012, he’s releasing “The Stick Up,” a single he recorded with pal and rapper/ MTV-star, Andy Milonakis. “Milonakis is fierce on the mic,” says Kovas. “I think people will be pleasantly surprised.”  Kovas’ mixtape entitled “The Come Up” will drop in April 2012.