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musicgateway.wideaCrosscheck: What do you get when you put a wise crackin’ Milwaukee emcee named Dana Coppafeel with a traditional emcee named SPEAK Easy? Local indie label Uni-Fi Records did just that on Uni-Fi Records Presents: Dana Coppafeel and SPEAK Easy. Together this unlikely pair fuse just the right amount of odes to love and fatherhood with wit. Below, the two emcees talk about working together, their new project, and how Coppafeel got his name.  Dana Coppafeel: So who is the better rapper out of us two?  Be honest yo.SpeakEASY: I am. Why? Because I said so. everyone laughsDana Coppafeel: I don’t know yo.. damn, i gets nothing, huh? I just know it has to be me… cause my swag is on 100… million! I’m turned up!!! Dana Coppafeel: Alight then, what verse on our album do you think I killed you on?SpeakEASY: Da City. You painted a clear picture of what life is like as an artist. From the green room to the live performance itself. Def great work, man!!Dana Coppafeel: Word em up! I thought you bodied the verse and the hook for “Take A Ride” one of my favs off the E.P.You really made that record.. Dana Coppafeel: Before we worked together on this project, we knew each other. But what about my reputation on the scene does it match the person?SpeakEASY: You had a reputation of being an asshole. laughs Dana Coppafeel: hahaha REALLY!?SpeakEASY: Being on the same label and same project, I had the privilege to get to know the person. Not the emcee.Dana Coppafeel: Or the asshole?! So, you’re saying I’m cool? right?SpeakEASY: Maybe…. So who stunts harder you or me?Dana Coppafeel: This is where I’m going to say…..MYSELF! I got 2 chains, 2 phones, & 6 homes!!! laughs However, Speak does have a custom pair of Jordan 4′s that he owns and they are the only pair in the world. That’s kind of stuntin’… Dana Coppafeel: What’s the best part about working with me? What’s the worst part about working with me?SpeakEASY: The best part is that you’re just as driven as I am. The worst part is that you don’t eat bacon. So then what’s your favorite lunch meat?  Dana Coppafeel: Tofu….  SpeakEASY: One last quick question.. How did you get the name Coppafeel?Dana Coppafeel: laughs. I got the name from a cypher. There was this chick that was freestyling and shit. I was pretty drunk. So I grabbed her ass and said something like you feel better than you rap.  All my homies started to call me Coppafeel. The rest is history.

via Crosscheck: Milwaukee Emcee SPEAKEasy Talks Smack with Fellow Mid-West Emcee Dana Coppafeel | URB.

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