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Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 2.16.42 PMHere’s a great video for an excellent song by Deca

New York city hip-hop artist Deca drops “Breadcrumbs,” the first video release off his forthcoming LP, The Ocean. The highly-stylized stop-motion video begins as Deca and his sidekick, Tibo, answer a distress call from a space station under siege by the forces of evil. After the duo save the space station, the video pan’s out to deep space where two light beings are playing a game of cosmic chess, conveying the message that there are higher forces at work beyond the world that we know.

“The song is about societal ills,” explains Deca. “It’s like a man huddled in a corner with drones overhead and used hypodermics lying around him. He’s letting his mind wander and making light of the situation. For the video, the director and animator Steven Mertens and I came up with a sort of dreamlike space odyssey to tie in with the theme of the album.”

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