Emcee Unity Lewis Talks About His PR Experience

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Hip-Hop artist Unity Lewis Talks Publicity

Bay Area emcee Unity Lewis is like a lot of independent artists out there, recording music on his own dime and time, trying to make sense of the new musical landscape. He’s got an CD ready, Audio Veve Pt 1, and a couple videos and now wants some promotions. As a new artist going through the tks of a publicist, Ballin PR asked Unity about his experience.

Ballin PR: Why did you hire a publicist?

Unity: I see hiring a publicist as a step to further my music career, build my fan base and draw attention to who I am and what I am doing in hip-hop.

Ballin PR: What are two things you didn’t expect? (positive or negative)

Unity: I’m getting excellent press, but I expected that. My publicist is really good at coming up with ideas and concepts for getting write ups. She can take what she knows about me and my resources and find the links, connections and approaches necessary to get her media sources to work for us. She also lets me know when my work will be difficult to push, and when she can’t activate her sources and why, so that I have an understanding of what I need to do and the approach I need to take if I wish to get publicity in those publications in the future.

Ballin PR: Two things you wish you knew before you hired a publicist?

Unity: First, be organized and have your materials and product lined up and ready to go before you hire a publicist. Otherwise they have nothing to work with. The story of what you are ‘about’ to do is not enough. Secondly, don’t expect a single or EP to generate as much press as an LP.

Ballin PR: most important advice to an artist when shopping for pr representation?

Unity: Be sure to research your publicist and what they have done in their field thoroughly before hiring. Make sure their agenda matches what you do as an artist and that you respect the other artists that they work with. There are many ‘aspiring’ publicists out there but it’s not worth the money to work with someone that can’t see your vision and help you in producing the desired results. In short: Get a publicist that gets you!

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