Game Brothas Release “How the West Was Won.”

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What do you get when you combine hard street Rap with electronic club beats? And mix in a bit of Rock? The Game Brothas, Halik Stewart a.k.a Nature Boy and Carmelo Lopez a.k.a. Mista Wonderful, are a pair of young hustlers from Oakland, Ca. Their debut album, How the West Was Won, set for a late summer release, dares listeners to party like it’s 2011! The album features local talents like GB right hand man, Mallski Wallski, Thomas Knockerson, and Tic Toc Da Titan.

The Game Brothas have a charming way of delivering their wild and raunchy lyrics, and want their listeners to party as hard as they do on-stage. With tracks like “Turn It Up”, a true partiers anthem, they tell you to “Turn it up and pour up somethin’ in your cup.” Or track 5, “The Panty Droppa.” Not a whole lot of explanation needed, of course, but Halik notes, “When you’re doing your own thing at the club, sometimes you end up being in the position of the ‘panty droppa.’” Or take “Sleep with a Rapper” where emcees Halik and Carmelo marvel at the fact that no matter what city they’re in, “there are females who simply throw themselves at us simply because we’re rapping on stage!”

The album’s title, How the West Was Won, refers to the ushering in of a new West Coast Era by bringing West Coast music out of the underground and back into the mainstream. Since the West’s glory days of Tupac, Snoop and Dre’s Chronic Album, the west has been in the background. The Game Brothas intend to win over the world as the West’s new mainstream contender. Production on the record is shared by T. Knockerson (in house producer) and B. Mock of The Experts, and GB’s own, Carmelo.

The Game Brothas exploded onto the national scene in 2009, when they recorded the track “Priceless” with Lil’ Wayne, on a Compilation EP. The track was leaked early and went viral. Today they are one of Oakland’s most buzz-worthy groups. In addition, they have had tracks on rotation on 106 KMEL, including “Priceless” and high placement on the Urban Mass Pool, DDK in Georgia, Ohio and Seattle DJ charts. The Game Brothas have had over 3 million song plays on On tour, they’ve performed with Too $hort, Bone Thugs n’ Harmony, Redman, E-40, Method Man, Andre Nickatina, Juelz Santana, The Pack, Yung Joc, Tech N9ne, among others.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Halik moved to Oakland as a child and met Carmelo in High School in East Oakland, CA. After High school they decided to combine their lyrical skills and musical styles and became the Game Brothas. “Our goal in the music industry is to appeal to multiple audiences and listeners. At the core we’re a Rap group, but we have more than one style to offer. We want to keep our fans engaged with new sounds, new patterns and always keep it fresh,” insists Halik.
“We’re influenced by lots of different types of music, so our sound is its own thing,” says Mallski. “Our music goes beyond the typical chatter of a lot of current mainstream Rap, with lyric driven story lines, and hooks that you can’t help but move too.”

The GB’s mantra is simple: “Ain’t no brotha like a Game Brotha brotha ‘cuz a Game Brotha brotha got game.”

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