God Save the Queen Diva! 2017-11-24T18:38:22+00:00

“On her show, Freedia comes off as affable and grateful — belying her diva persona — and these traits are only solidified and expanded in the book.”

—Rolling Stone

"Freedia’s story is inspirational, a journey overcoming poverty and discrimination to become an internationally known star. The rise of Big Freedia is the rise of bounce, and God Save the Queen Diva! serves as a worthwhile encapsulation of that tale.”

— Pitchfork

“Whether detailing the highs or the lows, Freedia’s tales pop as much as the booty that made her famous.” 

— Out magazine 

“In Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva (Gallery Books) the rapper goes deeper, with a tale that is as much a capsule history of the bounce-music world as it is his own story.” 

—Times Picayune