Hip-Hop Artist Orrin Releases Single “Blue Lights”

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Blue LightsAfter a year hunkered down in the studio–his 10×10 foot NYU dorm room–hip-hop artist Orrin is releasing the first single “Blue Lights,” a track from his forthcoming project Nocturnal, to be released December 7, 2013. “Blue Lights” is about lost love, a theme that runs through the entire album.

Nocturnal takes listeners through the ups and downs of a relationship, but it’s experimental, and focuses on creating lush soundscapes that mesh with the unique emotion of each song. The mixtape works its way through all the stages of a young relationship, going from being a dream, to being a reality, to crumbling and eventually breaking apart.

Orrin describes his sound as “SpaceGhostPurrp meets The Weeknd and spoken poetry, with flow” and his latest project as “seductive, and dark.” This wasn’t always the case with his music, however.

During Orrin’s 18 years he’s spent time living in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the suburbs of upstate New York, under the name Sean Mulligan. “My music was boom bap rap. Like Brooklyn rap,” explains Orrin. But moving to the suburbs changed all that. “I feel like me being in the suburbs, and being bored, helped me to experiment,” he explains, “and that’s kinda how I found this sound I have now.”

Shortly after relegating Sean Mulligan to his own hard drive, Orrin had a musical epiphany based on a universal emotion. He wanted to work with the idea of longing; specifically, having a crush on a girl. Orrin remembers, “I went into my basement and I completely changed my sound … Instead of thinking about being lyrical I went more with a vibe. I wanted my words to flow with the music.”

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