Indie Film “Blau Jeans” Nabs the Grand Remi Award

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American popular culture cast a spell on Europe that has never worn off. Blau Jeans, a one-hour documentary by Meaghan Kimball, shows how this spell both charms and afflicts Berlin, one of contemporary Europe’s most dynamic cultural centers. The film shows how profoundly America has influenced German identity over the past 60 years—and how much Germans hate to admit it.

Renowned journalists, artists, filmmakers, and scholar– including Richard Bernstein, The New York Times Berlin Bureau Chief–candidly discuss their first contact with America and how it continues to shape their lives. From Hip-Hop to Google, Star Wars to George W. Bush, a fascinating picture emerges of a country whose battles have become internal, with one side revering America’s generosity and innovation and the other disdaining its arrogance and superficiality.

Blau Jeans has won the Grand Remi Award Worldfest Houston International Film Festival and won Best Feature Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Blau Jeans debuted at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival and Kimball was recently interviewed on BBC World View.

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