LA Rappers Cookbook and Blu Ready EP-YES

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CBEP2-YES-coverback-600x600Over the summer Cookbook collaborated with DJ Rhettmatic to release the Phantom Menace, the first installment of his mini album series, where he works with a different producer for each EP. With the year nearing an end, Cookbook teams up with west coast emcee/producer extraordinaire Blu (of Blu & Exile) to release the second installment of series, YES. 

Thematically, the 8-track project is about saying “yes” to opportunities with nothing to fear. Blu handles all the production while Cookbook offers his standard catchy lyricism. Featured guests include Pigeon John, Frank Nitt, and Playdough.

“We all know that Blu is a gifted lyricist,” says Cookbook. “This EP will solidify his status as a great producer as well. His soulful beats really inspired me to try different styles. It’s some of my best work to date.”

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