Legendary Artist Justin BUA Unveils latest Poster “The Popper”

Southland artist, director, and author Justin BUA is proud to unveil his latest poster “The Popper,” a painting of one of the greatest living dancers alive, Mr. Wiggles.

“I’ve always considered popping to be one of the greatest dance forms of all time,” explains BUA, who started popping when he was just 11. “The piece is a testament to the history and the legacy of one of the greatest dance forms the earth has ever known.”

Like all of BUA’s work which are celebrations of urban culture, his latest poster is for Mr Wiggles, who BUA claims is our generation’s Mikhail Baryshnikov. “But,” he adds “this piece is for all of the poppers out there who rep the culture raw, like Popping Pete, Bogaloo Sam, Sugar Pop, Skeeter Rabbit, Steen, Boogaloo Shrimp, Rubber Band, Poppin’ Taco, Salah–and the list goes on and on.”

“The Popper” can be purchased now only as an exclusive at BUA’s Facebook store!

Justin BUA’s directorial debut “DMC Walk This Way” premiered on [Ovation TV](http://ovationtv.com/) on July 10, 2011. Part of the American Revolutionaries: The Hitmakers series, the documentary tells the story of RUN DMC front man Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels triumphant return as one of hip-hop’s most iconic figures. The 90 minunte TV doc, hosted and directed by BUA, was Ovation TV’s no 1 rated original show to date. In addition to having one of the best selling posters of all time (The DJ), BUA is the author of The Beat of Urban Art (Harper Collins). He is releasing his landmark coffee table book, Legends of Hip-Hop on November 8, 2011.