New York Hip-Hop Artist Deca Readies Fall LP: The Ocean--SEPT 17, 2013

New York Hip-Hop Artist Deca Readies Fall LP: The Ocean–SEPT 17, 2013

album cover front(web)(1)-72Hailing from NYC—by way of Denver, Colorado—emcee and producer Deca is a refreshing voice on today’s musical landscape. Today, Deca is ready to test his mettle on a national stage with his fourth album, The Ocean, to be released September 17, 2013.

On his latest disc, Deca tackles some heavy subject matter. He plunges into the beautiful and terrifying aspects of life, human nature, and dreams, with a mixture of tongue-in-cheek wit and stoic conviction. On the track “Edenville,” a song of redemption, Deca charges the fall from grace is a psychological shift more than a physical one. The chorus speaks to a nostalgia for a paradise lost.

“The ocean is one of the most familiar symbols of the unconscious mind,” explains Deca of the albums title. But it’s for the listener to decipher the metaphors in his lyrics. The track “Breadcrumbs” is the first video release off the LP. In the video, Deca and his sidekick Tibo answer a distress call from a space station under siege by the forces of evil. After the duo save the space station, the video pan’s out to deep space where two light beings are playing a game of cosmic chess, conveying the message that there are higher forces at work beyond the world that we know.

Threading the LP together are unscripted interludes which are taken from Deca’s own recorded interviews with friends, family, and people on the street about some of the most significant dreams they’ve had. “I would listen back to the dreams I recorded, and notice similarities in the themes, and also how conceptually, their dreams directly related to the songs I was writing”, adds Deca.

Deca may be new to the national stage, but he’s been garnering accolades for a number of years. Born in Denver, Colorado, early on Deca was part of two collaborative projects, Elemental, a live band with four emcees, and Prana, a duo formed with fellow Elemental emcee Ichiban. While performing regularly with Prana he became part of the Hip Hop collective known as L.I.F.E. Crew, who were seminal in helping to shape the local scene throughout the 2000’s and were voted best hip-hop crew by the Denver Westword.

In 2003, Deca released his first solo effort, Top of the Line Bottom Feeder. The project was followed a few years later with The Hedonist, which documented Deca’s descent into substance abuse.

The excessive lifestyle outlined in The Hedonist led to a brief move to LA (and then to Queens, NY) where Deca began work on his first fully self-produced album titled The Veil, which not only was featured on URB, Kevin Knottingham, and DJ Booth, but  was recognized as one of the best albums of 2011 by The Westword who said, “Propelled by some stellar production and Deca’s wicked wordplay and compelling cadence — what he has to say is every bit as captivating as how he says it — The Veil was one of the most rewarding hip-hop listens of the year. Although the MC’s travels have taken him to L.A. and NYC, he still has strong Denver ties.”