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February 24, 2016 (Saskatoon, Canada)**--Producer extraordinaire Graham Murawsky aka **Factor Chandelier,** is excited to announce his follow-up to the 2013 **Woke Up Alone,** **Factoria** on **Fake Four Records**. His fifth solo project, Factor builds a city of expansive beats that bang with punishing drums and industrial clatter that at one moment and the next, exudes a melodic, pastoral calm. Guest vocals include **Open Mike Eagle, Awol One, Gregory Pepper, Ceschi,** and **Myka 9**.

**Factoria** takes place when the ruins of the failed city of Factoria lie under the residential subdivision of Silverwood Heights in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the hometown of Murawsky. Just prior to World War I, Chicago entrepreneur Robert E. Glass ventured north with dreams of building an elaborate industrial city in a formerly typhoid-riddled secure electrical power turned Factoria into a ghost town.

**Factoria** opens up with “The Magic City”, a glossy, post-apocalyptic instrumental reminiscent of Ratatat segueing into **Kirby Dominant’s** geographical cure pondering on the upbeat title track. **Open Mike Eagle** brings his emotive, pensive musings to “Dozer II” while **Awol One, Gregory Pepper,** and **Ceschi** reunite over the funky bass of “Noise Band”, a gloomy, self-deprecating sequel to their 2009 collaboration with Factor on “Back Then”. **Myka 9** explores the concept of building through an abstract historical context on “Shoulders of Giants” before “Old Organs” closes out the record with crashing drums, eerie organs, and wraith-like wails.

What may have drove Glass to Factoria, beyond monetary gain, is the desire to create something in his vision, to build a city of hallowed ground, Factor has built a decade and a half worth of beats for Canadian comrades, west coast underground legends, and indie rap cult heroes from all over the map.

Recorded and mixed by Factor at his Chandelier Studios in Saskatoon, the album incorporates the bass of **Enver Hampton**, violin and guitar from **The Pxrtals**. Augmented by Murawsky’s chemistry with emcees he has worked with for years, **_Factoria_** is a beacon illuminating the streets that paved over the ruins of the Magic City.