Rapper OnCue Creates Cuey Nuts + Releases Video for “Cereal” on Vevo

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What does 24-year-old Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist, OnCue do to in his spare time? One hobby of late is making breakfast cereal. Yes, you read right. OnCue has created his own brand of cereal, called Cuey Nuts, specially made for the artists out there who are struggling to make it and have to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Cuey nut comes from a very far away land and has extraordinary qualities.

The humble OnCue says, “I don’t have much to say except, Cuey Nuts is the breakfast of winners.”

To mark his new-found venture, OnCue is premiering his new video “Cereal” on Vevo today! And while OnCue’s comedic skills are on display, there is a serious underlying message: that we all start out struggling, but if you work hard and stay focused, you will see the fruits of your labor materialize.

In August of 2011, he released a video “Feel Tall” the first single off his mixtape “Can’t Wait.” In addition to garnering a remarkable amount of views, it was widely lauded by critics and won the “MTVU Freshmen of the Week” contest.

Coming off the success of “Feel Tall,” OnCue co-headlined the nationwide, “Pledge to Rage Tour” performing in 36 cities. After linking up with legendary producer Just Blaze on the track “New Religion”, the two had an instant chemistry and the iconic producer decided to executive produce OnCue’s new LP.

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