Substance Abuse Feature in LA Weekly

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LA’s Substance abuse are Eso and Subz. They grew up together, are both in grad school, and have their second LP out Background Music. They were recently featured in LA Weekly writer called Wild Nights with Danielle Bacher. It was wild.

[Editor’s note: Soon-to-be-award-winning gonzo music journalist Danielle Bacher prowls the late late night scene for West Coast Sound. For this installment, she hit the town with MCs Subz and Eso Tre from Substance Abuse, who are known for their well-regarded 2006 album Overproof and their just-released work Background Music. Also along was their friend, rapper Ambush from Global Phlowtations.]

8:10 pm: There are a few nights in your life when you feel like you might end up dead. This is one of those nights.

8:13 pm: I’m being followed by a black truck flashing its headlights over and over. I make a wrong turn and end up on Skid Row. I see tons of homeless people sleeping on the street. At a stoplight, one of them bangs his fist on my windshield.

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8:17 pm: The truck is still honking at me every turn I make.

8:20 pm: The truck makes a right turn and goes the wrong way down a one-way street. I think the driver is seriously wasted.

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