The Grouch & Eligh Ready Triple Disc "The Tortoise + The Crow"

The Grouch & Eligh Ready Triple Disc “The Tortoise + The Crow”

G&E ThangLong-time collaborators The Grouch & Eligh are proud to announce a triple disc release entitled The Tortoise and The Crow, available on February 25, 2014. The project features guests Pigeon John, Kreayshawn, and Slightly Stoopid. Production is shared by from Pretty Lights, Ant of Atmosphere, Zion I’s Amp Live, Exile, DJ Fresh, Alexander Spit, Magi, among others. Broken into three discs, it includes a G&E joint effort 333, a solo album from The Grouch, Lighthouses and a solo album from Eligh, Nomads. Known as DIY hip-hop trailblazers, the duo have maintained label independence for over 15-years, as their fan base has grown exponentially and their latest effort is no different.

“We’ve come a long way since the days of four-track recordings and dubbed cassettes, all night sessions at Kinko’s and slanging tapes on the streets of Oakland and Los Angeles,” says Eligh. “But we are still independent and proud.”

G&E maintain their belief that great music is meant be performed and they love doing it. The pair has announced dates for an extensive “The Tortoise And The Crow Tour,” which will begin in February, crossing the United States, and back, through April.

With three album’s worth of new material, The Grouch & Eligh are reaching fans in new platforms, genres, and still staying true to their core values. 2014 is a testament to the pairs musical and personal growth, while still staying deeply connected to each other and legions of fans.