UK’s Visioneers LP Hipology reviewed on

Salt Lake City music mag slugs Visioneers
BBE records
Street: 06.12
Visioneers = J Dilla + Strictly Rhythm
Straight from London, producer Marc Mac offers a dizzying set of beat samples, from funk and jazz to alternative and soul. Recording here as Visioneers, Mac’s Hipology is truly a new media assortment and a must for any DJ’s mixing board. With tracks such as “Come and Play in the Milky Night,” where it is quite possible to feel like you’re C-walking in the Milky Way, this diverse sound is inventive and reminiscent at the same time. Radio sound bites are inserted in every song with short monologues and thoughts scattered in the audio, leading to texture and true nuance in the infused tracks. From the creative and provoking song titles to the cast (Baron, TRAC, John Robinson and many more), this LP offers endless fusion. The tape has essence that everyone will respect production-wise, which is an undeniably a rare feat in today’s industry. –Meera Masud