Visual Artist/Producer DATGirl releases “Slutstep”

A Visionary Gearhead Vixen, DATGirl is equal parts electronic music Producer, Performer & MC – known for her sexy and interactive analogue-hardware performances that bring together Dirty Beats, Bass Frequencies, Alien Robot effects, Goddess-inspired soul and CandyPunk Saucy Vocals … in a unique laptop-free Hardware set that fuses the sonic depth of a DJ with the flair of a speakeasy entertainer.

DATGIRL’s blend of Dubstep, Electro, GlitchHop, and Pop with sexy hilarious hip-hop vocals and cutting-edge sampling is creating a new movement — Her debut album “Slutstep” will help define a new evolution for both DATGirl and the female fronted Electronic music genre.

With a background as a renowned writer/performer with a knack for incredible character transformations, DATGirl fuses music, comedy, and theater to create multimedia mythology and girl-powered lyrical electronic dance music.

Playing a unique improvisational set solely on drum machines and synthesizers, DATGirl delivers a high-energy sickadelic live performance, with her sonic laboratory of blinking toys, electronic eye-candy and tactile soundwave tools that engage a crowd into wild interaction.

An Iraqi-American-Jewish-Buddhist, DATGirl was born in New York and has spent her entire life moving between New York, LA, and San Francisco. Her bicoastal artistic roots have allowed her to study an incredible variety of performance in all of these cities, including Method Acting, Butoh Dance, Screenwriting, TV Studio Production, and Improv comedy, at prestigious institutions including UC Berkeley, New York University, the American Conservatory Theater, Lee Strasberg School of Acting, Writers Boot Camp, The Groundlings, and Upright Citizens Brigade.

An experienced fire dancer/breather/eater, DATGirl has also studied Commedia Del Arte, physical clowning and circus arts in San Francisco, mask-performance and Balinese dance in Bali, Indonesia, and has performed with various traveling circus troupes and ritual theater companies. She derives much of her inspiration from time spent hopping freight trains and hitch-hiking the west coast with her nomadic hardcore punk activist/artist circus freak friends.

She performed on stage professionally as a member of various Bay Area theater companies including Paratheatrical Research, Last Planet Theater, Pacific Playback Theater, and Rainewalker Gallery, before becoming devoted to writing/performing her own works and moving to New York, where she performed regularly at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and the NYCFringe.

DATGirl debuted her first solo show (as writer/performer) “Serques Siren”, at the Bindlestiff Theater in San Francisco. Her second one-woman show “Manifest: The Battle of Intergalactic Farces” was a Bay Area cult hit and has been performed at the NYC Fringe Festival, the Green Room in Ashland, and the EXIT Theater in San Francisco, to name a few. It received rave reviews across the country and catapulted her into producing the new sketch comedy shows “Secret Sauce” and “Askin’ Ms. Banging’,” showcased at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting and improv comedy, her vocal/electronic music “hobby” took on a life of its own.  She started MCing, DJing and producing electronic music in the glitch-hop/crunk/dubstep music scene in LA, and is known for being one of the few producers to play live with drum machines and synthesizers while incorporating her own live vocals into the set.

DATGirl has created her own genre named SLUTSTEP to represent a female-oriented, sexually empowered, comically sweet, and bass-heavy sound with hopes to inspire girls to be DJs and not just DJs girlfriends.  She strives to keep the element of live performing and musicianship strong in a music culture that is moving closer to computerized over-production.

DATGirl is constantly touring and is currently working on a new album,  a DATGirl TV web show, and on adapting one of her more recent screenplays into an electronic rock Whompera (opera) aptly titled “2012: aWhompCalypse Now,” about the mythos of 2012.