Watch: LDontheCut – Look In The Mirror feat Chali 2na, Aceyalone, Rakaa Iriscience, & Ariano – The Eargazm

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LDontheCut - Look In The Mirror ArtworkCheck out this sick beat called Look In The Mirror. Produced by LDontheCut, this track features all kinds of names including Chali 2na, Aceyalone, Rakaa Iriscience, and Ariano. Born Leigh Snyder, LD (aka LDontheCut) is a southern California-based DJ / Producer / who started playing drums and writing music in 1996 when he was in grade school. Look In The Mirror is a call out to those who “point the fingers” in the life, when they should really be “checking” themselves. Look In The Mirror.

Snyder had such a fire in his heart for Hip Hop that in 2002 he started his DJ career. The very same year he formed a Dj crew known as Technicali, which formed into a movement of hip-hop moguls. Technicali was then made up of Producers, MC’s, and Singers all working toward one goal, and bringing together names such as, DJ Stimulus, Danny V, DJ Lobsta, Ariano, C4MULA, Nu3tron, Hochii, & Philieano. Did I mention LDontheCut is the DJ for Sublime? Oh ya. That funky fresh vibe behind Sublime’s sound, ya thats LD.

Since 2005, LDontheCut has been running Technicali Sound with impressive worldwide releases on all major digital markets. LDontheCut has produced artists such as GZA & U-God of Wu-Tang, MC Supernatural, RA The Rugged Man, Craig G, Aceyalone, LMNO, Akil & Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Rakaa, Evidence, & Babu of Dilated Peoples, to name a few.

LDontheCut will be alongside Sublime, playing June 28th at Kanrocksas, in Kansas City Kansas. This performance is just the start to a summer full of touring the entire United States. They’re covering the whole board, so be sure to catch the tour dates and see if they’re in a town near you. Check out Look In The Mirror and buy this baby if you feel so inclined. After looking in the mirror, Get Your Ears Wet!

via Watch: LDontheCut – Look In The Mirror feat Chali 2na, Aceyalone, Rakaa Iriscience, & Ariano – The Eargazm.

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