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Why hire a Ballin PR? Our primary aim is to get you exposure because shine means buzz! To that end, we carefully craft pitches to thousands of media outlets from blogs to TV, in hopes that they are as excited about your media entity as we are.

We secure feature articles and reviews in national print music and lifestyle magazines, regional press outlets, and smaller outlets across the country, Canada, and Europe. This includes pitching editors and writers, coordinating interviews, photo shoots and media training.

Ballin PR targets all the major online news, lifestyle, and music websites, along with all the taste maker blogs from New Haven to New Mexico. Using web analytics, we help identify audience, build fan base, and implement strategies based on insight such as contesting with affiliate websites.

Whether it be a spot date or a national tour, one of Ballin’s specialties is tour press. Whether it be features, previews, critic picks or calendar listings, we target all the major regional newspapers and media outlets in all relevant tour markets.

A social media presence is absolutely essential for artists today. In addition to maintaining and managing Twitter accounts and Facebook Fan Pages for artists, Ballin conducts analysis’ of social media metrics to identify audience trends and implement strategies to maximize marketing campaigns.