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Colorado rapper, Ancient Mith and German producer, Dot, are the hip-hop group, Yawl. Together, they are about to drop something truly extraordinary with their debut album, A Pile to Keep, A Pile to Burn on Berlin based label, Anette Records. On the 14-track album, which will be available on May 5, Ancient Mith tackles subjects like heart break, remorse, angst, personal growth, and the subtleties there in–over Dot’s equally brooding, self-reflective beats.

The first single/video, “Woah,” questions the importance of distraction in the digital age. The sparse, well placed lyrics mirror the minimalistic production. “Raw Sugar” and “Wild Fires” highlight the hip-hop background of both artists, while other tracks showcase the blues/folk influence. The electronica sound of “Ships” and the emotion of “An Empty Field To Bury Lovers” are far from the typical alternative rap record.

A Pile to Keep, A Pile to Burn took nearly all of 2015 to conceptualize and record. “Our lives were in the same series of mishaps and we channeled that into the music. We both had a lot of input with these songs,” explains Ancient of how the collaboration process worked.

Initially, the two artists met in Munich in 2009 at a show but didn’t reconnect until 2013, when Dot booked Ancient in Augsburg, Germany. Ancient spent a week hanging out with the welcoming group of Augsburg folk, including the founder of record label Anette Records. In 2014, the two then decided to hit the road together on a 34 show 43 day European tour.

A Pile to Keep, A Pile to Burn will be available digitally, on cassette, and on vinyl May 5, 2016.